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Welcome to Uptownvibz Event, your premier destination for unforgettable party and entertainment experiences in the heart of Dubai. We specialize in curating creative events, offering top-notch photo and videography services to capture your special moments. With a studio located at 105, 1st floor, Abraj Al Mamzar Building, Al Mamzar, Dubai, we are at the heart of this vibrant city.

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Music Tracks
Immerging Artists of Dubai.
  • Immerging Artists of Dubai.

    Immerging Artists of Dubai.

    Dec 30, 2023 • 3:44

    Welcome to Uptown Vibz Podcast Studio, where we record, shoot, edit and rent the best Studio in Dubai, Get everything you need to create the best labels and episodes all in one place.

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    Track 2

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    Track 4

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Q: Where can I find a podcast recording studio in Dubai?
A: Dubai offers several podcast recording studios that cater to different budgets. Some popular options include Uptown VIBZ Studio A , [Studio B], all conveniently located in various areas of the city.
Q: Are these podcast recording studios equipped with professional equipment?
A: Yes, these podcast recording studios in Dubai are well-equipped with professional-grade recording equipment, including high-quality microphones, headphones, soundboards, and audio editing software to ensure a top-notch production for your podcast.
Q: Are there any additional services offered by these podcast recording studios?
A: Absolutely! Apart from providing a well-equipped studio for recording, many studios also offer additional services such as audio editing, sound mixing, voice-over assistance, and even podcast distribution to various platforms. These services can greatly enhance the quality and reach of your podcast.

Audio Recording
(With Uptownvibz Podcast Studio)
AED 200

Uptownvibz Podcast Studio enables you to record your Audio Podcast using the Shure SM7B Microphones. These Microphones are Dynamic And They are used by the most famous podcasters in the World: Joe Rogan. These microphones enables you to deliver a warm and smooth audio podcast for your audience in Dubai and anywhere else.  Prices Start at 200AED minimum required is 2 hours for the studio to operate. Click below to check availabilities.

Video + Audio Recording (With Uptownvibz Podcast Studio)
AED 400

Your podcast in Dubai will have a professional feel. The material we are using, the energy in the Uptownvibz Podcast studio and the professionalism our crew is the perfect receipt of success. If you are looking to rent a podcast studio in Dubai, we are the best option for you and we are located in the heart of Dubai. Prices Start at 200AED,  “Best Podcast Studio Rental Service in Dubai” guaranteed! Book a Podcast Studio In Dubai Now! Click below to check the availabilities. 

Full Pack (Filming + Editing)
(With Uptownvibz Podcast Studio)
AED 900

Podcast editing is one the most important part of social media advertising.  The Quality of a podcast editing will make you appear more authentic to your audience and make them feel you are close to them. Let “Uptownvibz Podcast Studio” manage the editing for you so you can concentrate in the delivery of your podcast in Dubai. Prices Start at 800AED for the best podcast recording studio in Dubai. Click below to check the availabilities.

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